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Model L

Learn how ConvoBunny helped this model scale her Onlyfans page from top 15% to 0.5% in one month purely from chatters!
Stats from February - 1 Month before working with ConvoBunny
Where it started:

When having our first initial consultation call with Ms. L in Feb 2022 it was clear that she wanted to scale her Onlyfans page and make more money but had little to no idea how to. Ms. L stressed that she did not want to sign up with an agency and wanted to manage her page but with the help of chatters. Her strategy was mainly sending out 1 PPV per day and replying to direct messages from fans a few times a week. Her monthly statements were never higher than $2000 per month and retention levels were extremely low. She had 300 organic fans on her page and did not follow back any of her expired fans and therefore could no longer send them content.

First month working with ConvoBunny
How we helped

After our client call with Ms. L, we were able to do the following:

👉🏼Followed back all her expired fans
👉🏼Advise her on content creation
👉🏼Deploy a 24/7 chat team on her page

Overall Earnings - Up 715%

On our advice the model created new content for our chatters who were able to sell to her new and expired fans thus increasing overall sales immediately.

New Subscribers - Up 69%

We knew Ms. L had a ton of expired fans so we applied our follow-back tool to bring back 90% of her expired fans so that the chatters could sell them the new content. Because Ms. L’s % dropped down to 0.8% she was able to reach out to other content creators for Shoutout for shoutouts and thus was able to bring in new subscribers.

Reach - Up 204%

Once our chatters went to work, Model L was finally able to start and manage her multiple Tiktok accounts which allowed her to expose her model brand to a wider market which inevitably increased her CTR.

Fast scalability and Proven formula

The whole process working with ConvoBunny was so helpful and effective. The sudden increase in sales on my page allowed me to gain more financial freedom and finally move away from webcam! I never thought I could see my page scale so quickly and it was quite unbelievable actually! ConvoBunny not only added chatters to my page, but they gave their expert advice on how I should best create content that increases sales and fan retention. I have never seen so many renewals as I always struggled to keep fans on my page. It was amazing to see my page jump from $1600 in one month to $20000 in less than 3 months, I would have never been able to achieve these numbers working alone plus trying to grow my social media and make new content at the same time

– Ms L

By working with ConvoBunny Ms L was able to reach $20,000 in just under 3 months simply using chatters, our follow back tool, and expert advice!
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