How ConvoBunny works?

Our job is to match you up with the perfect team to run your page and help you generate those extra sales.
Schedule a call or complete or contact sales for more information on how to get started!.
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Step One - Get in Touch!

Schedule a consultation call, or talk instantly with one of our sales team by clicking the 'Let's Chat' button. If you are short on time, fill out the 'Start a Convo' form, and one of our sales representatives will get in touch!
Schedule a call!

Step Two - Find the perfect Tier!

Once we have established your needs and goals we will recommend a suitable pricing Tier for you!

Step Three - Build your team!

Happy to work with us? 🤩 Perfect! Check your email for the Model Onboarding Form - this will give us the information we need to build your chatter team!

Step Four - Meet your team!

Once all the relevant information has been received and your first invoice paid we will invite you into your very own discord channel where you are able to meet your dream chatter team!

Why Use ConvoBunny

Scalability and upward trajectory is impossible to achieve without the added help of full time chatters.

Example Case Study

A new subscriber enters a model's page and decides he wants to purchase a video call, custom, or buy some of her content from her pricelist. If a model does not have full-time chatters on her page the likelihood of processing the subscriber's order within a fast turnaround is low. By the time the model responds to the subscriber's message, it is unlikely he will be online or even interested in purchasing her content. The aim of having chatters is to engage with subscribers immediately and not lose out on sale opportunities.