How do you increase sales on my page?

Placing a team of chatters on your page means that there will never be a second a fan is not being catered to. We answer all messages at any time and ensure that our chatters are upselling to new and existing subscribers.

How soon can I see results?

Provided that you have the right content for us and you have a fan acquisition strategy in place we can guarantee immediate results!

Can I choose my own chatters?

We try our best to match you with excellent chatters! If you are unsatisfied with your chatter you are welcome to change them according to your pricing tier

How many chatters do I need?

This is entirely up to you! The more chatters the more sales you will make. However, as specialists in the chatter agency industry, we will provide you with a recommendation based on our experience and expertise.

What price tier do you think is best for me?

Please refer to our pricing tiers. We recommend tiers based on your monthly earnings and budget.

How many hours do the chatters work?

Each chatter work 8 hours per day 6 days a week.

Is there guaranteed success in hiring chatters?

Yes! Provided that you have a fan acquisition strategy in place and the right content for our chatters to sell.

Is using chatters safe for my page?

Our chatters are here to work and earn you money! Nothing else. We advise you to use a 2FA authenticator before handing out any passwords. We provide Proxies to our chatters based on your location so that geolocation logins match and are compliant with OF TOS.

Where are your chatters from?

Our chatters are from various locations around world. You have the choice of choosing Non-Native English or Native English speaking chatters.

Are the Non-native English chatters fluent in English?

English is their second fluent language and we conduct thorough English and Grammar tests before they are offered a job with us.

Who will manage the chatters?

We will be managing the chatters and all other aspects such as employee relations, payroll, training, scheduling, and replacements. Regardless of what tier you select, you will be granted a dedicated account manager(s)/checker who will ensure that the chatters on your page are managed effectively and performance is kept to the required standard.

Where is Convobunny based?

We are a Limited Company Based in the UK. All our founders are based and operate inside the UK.

When can I start?

You may start at anytime!

How long does it take to put chatters on my page?

Provided we have received everything we are able to deploy a team of chatters on your page within a 24-48 hour turnaround.

What do you need from me if I want to start?

a) Invoice paid
b) Business terms of service Signed
c) Onboarding form complete
d) You have joined our discord server where your team awaits you

Can I provide an NDA?


Which plan is best for my page?

This all depends on your monthly earnings. We have 4 price plans to suit your needs but of course, we can discuss this in our sales call. Please have a look at our pricing plans for more information.

When should I make my first payment?

All tiers require you to pay the flat rate upfront.

Can I cancel if I no longer want the service?

Our service operates on a rolling 30-day contract for Tiers 1-4. If you no longer require our service we require you to give us 7 days notice before the service renews the following month. Please refer to our Business Terms of Service for more information on our cancelation policy.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the service?

We are happy to provide you with a refund provided that we have been unable to provide you with an immediate solution.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do require you to sign our Business Terms of Service for all tiers.

Does ConvoBunny provide model management services?

We do not provide model management services. We are solely a chatter staffing agency. We manage employee relations, payroll, scheduling, and training. We have no control over how your page is run nor do we provide advice on what strategy to use.

Will I be able to communicate with my team outside of Discord?

Unfortunately no, all our chatters stay on the ConvoBunny Discord Server. We will however be creating you your own discord channel where you will be able to chat with your team and contact our customer service moderators at any time.

Can I choose my own schedule?

Our chatters are available to you 24/7 365 days a year.  Our tiers cover 16-24 hours per day with a minimum 31 days per month

Do you offer Trial periods?

To maintain the highest level of quality and ensure that we dedicate our full attention and resources to our valued clients, we have made the decision not to offer trial periods for our services. We believe in delivering outstanding results consistently and want to focus on delivering value to our clients without any time constraints or limitations.